GUIDE  for R16 



This guide shows you how to get the same results as in my video. Please follow all the steps.
This is not for regular "survival gameplay" and only contains what you saw in the video.

You can download everything for free - Please read carefully!
My Patreon Supporters get access to higher resolution Textures, but that's only for enthusiasts.

What you need:

  • Minecraft   Java Edition    Version:   1.14.4

  • Optifine (Mod)        Version:   OptiFine_1.14.4_HD_U_F5       Download:

  • My Textures
    Free Downloads can be found here.        The R16 MAP can be downloaded here.

  • Shader:    SEUS PTGI E11   (not E12)        Download:  Click here  (If you want to have free access, you can join his 10$ Tier and cancel after download, as Sonic Ether himself said.  He is not selling a "product". However, please consider supporting him for the effort he puts into this project.)


How to install the Shader:

For this you need to install Optifine first.    (Just search for a Tutorial on YouTube)
Once you have successfully launched Minecraft with Optifine installed, go to:    Options → Video Settings → Shaders → Open Shader Folder 
and put the dowloaded "SEUS PTGI" into the folder.   Go back to Minecraft and activate the shader.

How to install the Textures:   (for the R16 Map)

Go to:       
Options   →   Resource Packs   →  Open Resource-Pack folder
and put the Texture .zip files that you downloaded into the folder.  
Activate them.

The right side should look like on the following screenshot:

(This setup is for the R16 map.
For your own builds you can always
add more content if you want - and if your PC can handle it.)

Some blocks on the R16 Map require the R1-14 Pack!

A list of the used blocks can be found here.


 Go to:
  Options → Video Settings:

  -  Graphics = Fancy

Go to:   Options → Video Settings → Details:

  -  Trees = Fancy

Go to:   Options → Video Settings → Quality:

  -  Mipmap Levels = 0 or OFF       (slider to the left)
  -  Mipmap Type = Nearest          (slider to the left)
  -  Connected Textures = Fancy

Go to:   Options → Video Settings → Shaders: 

  -  Normal Map = ON
  -  Sepcular Map = ON
  -  Shadow Quality = 1x


Settings for the Shader (Seus PTGI): 

Go there by activating the PTGI Shader in the selection menu 
and then press “Shader Settings”   (bottom right corner)

in the RayTracing Options:  

  -  Full Raytrace Reflections = ON   !!!!!!!!!!

  -  Geometry Trace Quality = 0 or 1  
   (to fix bookshelfes, set to 0.    To fix slabs, set to 1 )

About broken Reflections:  

Wrong reflections are displayed, if the texture resolution of the reflected block does not match the Texture Resolution you defined in the Shader Settings.
For example: You set it to 512x and a vanilla diorite block is reflected in water, the reflection is broken because the diorite block is 16x (not Textured!) Always set the Texture Resolution to a value that matches the resolution of the reflected block. For correct reflections of Vanilla blocks, use 16x but this will break the reflections of all 512x blocks (or any other resolution). 
This is a limitation of the shader.  
Keep it at the resolution of the packs you installed. (512x or 1024x most of the time)

A few options to get more FPS:

  • Decrease Render-Distance to something like 4 chunks for small builds. 

  • Decrease Render-Resolution to 0.7x               (video settings → shaders) 
    and set post sharpening to 2.0     (in the PTGI shader settings → post-processing options)

  • Play in Window-mode and scale down the window (super small window = a lot of fps)

  • Use lower resolution Textures, or don’t use all the Packs - Only the ones you need at the moment.

  • Play on an empty Sky-Map and keep the builds clean and simple.  
    More blocks = less fps            You can use my Maps as a template.

How did you get the Blur/Depth of Field in the close-up shots?

For that I used the "Kappa Shader" v2.1 by RRe36

You need to play around with the Camera Settings (F-Stop) to get a nice DOF.

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