General Information about this Project 

Before Supporting
me on Patreon, please read the following keypoints:
  • This is not a complete Resource Pack and that's not the goal since nobody has a PC that powerful. My goal is to create few but realistic looking Textures, mainly for cinematic shots like in my vidoes,  not gameplay. 
  • The Textures are optimised for Building and not for survival gameplay! Overlay this pack onto any other Pack you like.
  • To get awesome graphics, you also need to build the right way! Focus on how the light interacts with your scene, Shadows! Reflections, etc!  - Just like in real-life. Real-life doesn't look good all the time. - You need to have correct lighting, composition, camera angles, etc. to make a good image.  You can build extremely nice things with as little as ~3 blocks!!!
You need Optifine and the SEUS PTGI Shader from Sonic Ether for my Textures to work:

HERE you can find all recommended Minecraft, Optifine and Shader Versions + Settings for the best Results or how to fix bugs.

To test my Textures on the map from my videos, feel free to join my small Minecraft-Test-Server.    IP:

The Pack is designed for the Seus PTGI Shader which is currently in Development, just as my Textures.
As soon as Seus PTGI get's officially released, I will also release a 100% free version of this Pack.

Currently, Tier 2 Patreon Supporters can download the Textures from my Videos:

Screenshot Competitions

My Videos get a lot of attention lately and I want to allow you to get your screenshots/builds seen by others.
To get featured in my Videos and on my Website, post your screenshots on my Discord Server (in the screenshots channel)
I will hand-pick the best ones. Message me if you want a certain name or message to appear (for self promotion).
The winners will be on the page 
Community Screenshots

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Feel free to share any of my own screenshots/Videos but please give credit. You are not allowed to edit/share/sell my Texture Files.

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