FAQ           A few general questions about what I do.  Excuse the rant but what's currently going on is putting me at the edge of sanity.

Why multiple Resource-Packs?

Because I do not develop a "Resource-Pack" (never did and I do not plan to do so). There is no "umsoea pack" as some people call it.
When I started, I uploaded a few simple Tech-Demo-Videos on YouTube about the new SEUS PTGI Shader.
For the videos I created PBR Textures that should show the Shader's full potential.
And up to this day this has not changed.
I try to get the best possible results by creating my own Textures/Models - And those who are interested can download all the files that I used. Nothing else.
You can use my content for whatever you want but do not expect anything. Obviously this is all very experimental and I simply cannot guarantee anything. 
I consider myself as a "3D artist" who uses Minecraft as Rendering-Software.

When will it be finished?

Never.  The worst type of comments: "This will be so great when it's finished"  -  No it will not. Stop waiting. There is no goal. Enjoy these graphics now.

Why can't you just make one single Resource-Pack like everyone else?

Believe it or not but there are actually a few good reasons why I do that:

  • Every Texture I add will decrease performance and it now has reached a critical point where a lot of people cannot run the textures, especially higher resolutions.
    I do not want to create a super heavy pack that only High-End-PCs can run. With separate packs you can (and should) only load the blocks you currently use.
  • I create a lot of complex models (complex considering it's Minecraft which is not at all designed for this stuff) and I also use optifine ctm features.
    Combining this all into a single pack will result in all kinds of conflicts, lag, glitches, crashes, etc...  The Texture-Atlas would get messed up when using a lot of high-res custom blockmodel textures which results in even more broken reflections and all kinds of other issues. I focus on quality over quantity and this comes at a cost, obviously. This is not your "usual Resource-Pack". Just because it's a Resource-Pack-file does not mean it has the same performance as your other packs.

Creating the Textures is actually not that much work - But I spend most of the time and effort on very small little tweaks and details that most people will never notice.
Why should I care about the people who don't notice the things I put the most effort into?   
I could just create a few crappy textures and they would still like it.

Instead, I'd like to double down on people who actually use my content how it was intended to be used.
Each Texture and every map only looks good with very specific settings, a very specific Shader-Version, etc...

What 90% of people do:

  • install my textures without reading anything (with wrong settings, of course)
  • go on a Minecraft flat-world
  • place a few random blocks
  • complain that it does not look like in my videos.   Or: "help, it doesn't work"

It really hurts to see screenshots of my Textures with wrong settings, bad lighting, etc...  even with completely wrong shaders or without shaders at all...
Most people are better off using Resource-Packs that are designed for normal survival-gameplay. 

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